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DJ Cabinet: Sleeper Mode

This was challenging and rewarding in precise and equal measure from beginning to end... a client with faith and imagination and a project with something of a split personality.

By day as unassuming a sideboard as possible, by night... a fully equipped DJ booth with vinyl storage, hidden wiring and all to sit as comfortably as possible within the existing fabric of the family home.

An absolute delight to work on.

Maple with maple veneered plywood.

See DJ Cabinet: Under the Hood


I had a kind of crazy idea, I have a lot of music/records, turntables packed away I rarely used, and a DJ set up that sat untidily in the corner of my kitchen/dinner. I wanted to create an environment where I could play my music, that would also be a social focal point when entertaining. For a number of years, I had been sketching ideas of the ideal home DJ set up, and my wife was getting tired of the messy kitchen corner. With her support she suggested making my idea real as part of a birthday present.

The brief was to create a piece of furniture similar to other furniture we own to host my dj/music equipment with easy access to a decent part of my record collection. In our house we're relatively minimalistic, clean lines, a lot of natural wood and I decided to seek a solution that would align with what I liked, and after a search I found Scott Masser, a craftsman whose portfolio was very much aligned to other furniture we own.

I reached out to Scott, I explained my objectives and proposed brief, what I saw in his work that I liked, and our project began...

As our conversations progressed there were some discussions around the desired aesthetics, expected functionality and practicality of the design, and wood options. Scott came up with a design that was beautiful, functional, would not look out of place in my home and something that could be used daily.

I won't lie, the project became a mammoth, we had regular check in's and sharing of progress, Scott was great at suggesting innovative ideas to my requests, not only with the design but the materials and fittings used so I could get what I was seeking within my budget.

I'm really pleased with the outcome and look forward to working with Scott on my next crazy idea that I am currently hatching.

I'd highly recommend Scott Masser for your bespoke wooden furniture needs.

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